The Myrin Institute is a nonprofit organization engaged in programs that are educational in the broadest sense of the word. These initiatives address critical issues of modern life.

Founded in 1953 by H. A. W. Myrin, an international businessman and humanitarian, and Franz E. Winkler, a physician and author, the Institute began as a forum in which scientists, educators, political leaders, economists, and religious leaders could exchange views on matters of current interest and offer constructive criticism of each others' initiatives. In 1954 the first Proceedings was issued and contained the following words by Mr. Myrin.

The founders of the Institute believe that a genuine reconciliation of the modern scientific attitude with a spiritual world concept is by far the most essential need of modern man. Such a reconciliation will open the way for a philosophy of human freedom which is the safest protection against destructive ideologies and our only valid hope for lasting peace.

In the ensuing years the Institute has sponsored publications, conferences, and model projects. Working alone and in partnerships with colleges and universities, public service groups, corporations, religious and environmental groups, it has served as a catalyst for change in wide-ranging areas of concern.

Recognizing the need for healing in our relationship with nature, in 1982 the Myrin Institute began publishing Orion Nature Quarterly. This magazine, now called Orion, pulls together the best writers and best thinking to address how we can develop an ethic of humane earth stewardship. As the reach and stature of this publication grew, The Orion Society was formed in 1991, and in 1997 it became a separate 501(c)3 organization. Since then the Society's activities have expanded and now include, for example, the Orion Grassroots Network with over 600 local environmental organizations.

The American Council for Drug Education grew out of another Myrin initiative. It too came to have an independent, but still affiliated, existence.

In all its endeavors the Myrin Institute integrates varied perspectives and emphasizes the need to balance analytical inquiry with insights drawn from the intuitive wisdom in which art, religion, and ethical values have their source.

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