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George K. Russell, ed., Children and Nature: Making Connections 2014 paper $14.00
Twelve essays about how children’s connection with nature can be enriched and enhanced in an age of digital media. A refreshing variety of perspectives and useful strategies for accomplishing this are included.

Terrell E. Arnold and Moorhead Kennedy, Terrorism—The New Warfare with Walker & Co. 1988 cloth $14.85
An overview of terrorism - causes, patterns, and issues - with discussion questions and materials suitable for high school or college classes.

Wendell Berry, In the Presence Of Fear The Orion Society, 2001 paper $8.00
Three essays prompted by or highly relevant to Sept. 11, 2001, a penetrating look at fundamental changes this event calls on us to make.

A. C. Harwood, The Recovery of Man in Childhood Second Edition. 2001 paper $14.95
A survey of child development and the educational system that best balances the education of intellect, intuition, and initiative—the classic work on Waldorf education.

Moorhead Kennedy, The Ayatollah in the Cathedral with Hill and Wang, 1986 cloth $17.95
The highest ranking diplomat among the hostages held in the American embassy in Teheran reflects on his experiences there and their meaning as part of a clash of cultures and religious values.

Sylvester Morey, ed., Can the Red Man Help the White Man? 1969 paper $4.95
The account of a unique conference in Denver in which Indian elders and Myrin Institute leaders discuss the profound intuitive wisdom to be found in Native American culture.

Sylvester Morey and Olivia Gilliam, eds., Respect for Life illustrated 1974 paperout of print
A conference with Indian elders that provides startling insights into the traditional upbringing of Native American children and problems they encounter with mainstream education they are forced into.

Peter Sauer, ed., Finding Home Orion with Beacon Press 1992 paper $17.50
In essays selected from Orion - People and Nature, America's foremost nature writers press beyond conventional understandings of the nature of place and our place in nature.

David Sobel, Beyond Ecophobia Orion Nature Literacy Series 1996 paper $8.00
Reclaiming the heart in nature education, Sobel speaks to teachers and parents interested in nurturing in children the ability to understand and care for nature. Includes activities and resources.

Franz E. Winkler, For Freedom Destined 1974 cloth $7.95; paper $14.95.
An in-depth study of the text and music of Wagner's Ring and Parsifal from the perspective of our human potential to evolve toward greater capacity for freedom.

Franz E. Winkler, Man—the Bridge between Two Worlds 1960 paper $14.95
Though written during the Cold War, a work of remarkable perceptiveness and insights on how education, psychology, and even international relations can become more conscious and more healing in our time.

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